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The Prado | San Diego Wedding Vendors

If you live in San Diego, you are probably aware of the fabulous restaurant in the heart of Balboa Park, The Prado.  The Prado offers fine dining, and hosts many weddings throughout the year.  Weddings are held outdoors near a quaint wishing well, and there are several rooms available for a reception.  Next month, The Prado will be hosting NBC Throws a Wedding for Stefanie and Jerry!  The viewers and YOU will get to vote on the menu selection for the wedding guests.  Below are a few images of each menu offering!  (Please try to restrain yourself from trying to eat through your monitor!)

This dinner features charbroiled filet mignon with 2 jumbo prawns skewered with a rosemary sprig, over mashed potatoes, all atop wilted grazing greens.  The first course is a butternut squash soup with foam and crushed walnuts.  The meal includes a small, potted creme brulee!




This dinner features grilled yellowtail and charbroiled chicken, over sweet potatoes and greens.  The first course includes grilled asparagus and frisee salad with tomatoes.




The final selection is quite the conversation piece, featuring beef short ribs and a lobster pot pie, accompanied by mashed potatoes and grilled asparagus.    The first course is a baby spinach salad with sliced strawberries, and shaved parmesan, drizzled with a balsamic reduction.




Hungry?  Well before heading to the kitchen, click here to vote for your choice! (Voting begins after the Friday morning news, 9.25.09.)

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Dario Salon | San Diego Wedding Vendors

We met up with Stefanie at Dario Salon in La Jolla while they created 3 separate, beautiful hair styles for voting, for NBC Throws a Wedding at the Prado.    Dario and the girls, Jamie and Shannon, worked tirelessly, and their attention to detail was impeccable – seriously, not a single hair out of place!!  Dario Salon is modern, yet comfortable, with comfy chairs and sofa, and plenty of fashion magazines.  They offer a full line of services (cut, style, color, extensions, makeup, etc.) for complete pampering!

Stefanie was sooo cute – there were a couple times I noticed her looking into the mirror, or at the back of my camera, and she was REALLY seeing herself as a bride.  It’s one of those moments that hits brides, and I never get tired of witnessing it.  One time I noticed Stefanie looking down after she saw herself, and  she had this huge smile on her face.  I just let her have the moment.  Then she looked up and said Jerry is just going to be blown away.  I teared up for her (yes, I’m a HUGE sap)!  It’s so great when we get to see the excitement and anticipation, and how tickled brides get at the idea of surprising their grooms!  :-)

Here are a couple of photos from each hair style.  To view more on NBC’s wedding website, and cast your vote for your favorite hairstyle – click here. Voting begins after the NBC morning news on Friday, 9.18.09.

Style 1 – This style is mostly down – soft, flowy, and romantic, and accented with little white flowers in the back.




Style 2 – This style is half up and half down, with a little Spanish flair.  The back is swept to the side, and comes over Stefanie’s shoulder.




Style 3 – This one is a traditional up do, with a very classic style.




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Sweetcheeks Baking Co. | San Diego Wedding Vendors

UPDATE!!! 9.18.09 – Just announced:  Sweetcheeks Baking Co. wins the vote!

Sweetcheeks Baking Co. is one of the competitors for the NBC Throws a Wedding at the Prado event in October 2009.  The ladies there are friendly and creative – and truly enjoy their jobs!  They were working on a huge cake while I was there, and they excitedly showed me all the various elements they had been working on prior to assembly.  They are truly passionate about their job, and it shows!

This is the cake they’ve designed for Stefanie and Jerry, the lucky winners for the wedding!




Check out all 3 competitors, and click here to vote for your favorite.

Here are some photos from my “behind the scenes” tour:



This zoo-themed cake was for triplets.  The attention to detail is impressive – from the sugar animals, to the scaly snake with a forked tongue, to the chocolate palm tree topper!


The French Gourmet | San Diego Wedding Vendor

San Diego’s French Gourmet is another competing vendor in the upcoming NBC Throws a Wedding at the Prado.  The French Gourment, located near La Jolla, has a small cafe, pastry shop/bakery, and also produces many fine wedding cakes.

Here is the cake they’ve designed for Stefanie and Jerry, the lucky winners of the wedding giveaway!




Check out all 3 competitors, and click here to vote for your favorite.

While I was there, Richard, who oversees the wedding cakes, was putting the finishing touches on a different cake:

french gourmet_0011blog3

The restaurant is charming, complete with brightly colored shutters, and the pastries inside are just as eye-catching!

french gourmet_0001blog

french gourmet_0012blog

Heavenly Cupcake | San Diego Wedding Vendors

Heavenly Cupcake is one of the competing vendors in the NBC Throws a Wedding at the Prado event.  The will be providing a cupcake towers with white and chocolate cupcake, and a small cake for the top tier, allowing the couple to still cut the cake.  There are fuschia sugar crystals on the chocolate cupcakes to compliment the flowers, and the bridesmaid’s dresses.




Check out the competing vendors’ work, and go here to vote.

heavenly cupcake_0032blog

I had a “heavenly” time visiting San Diego’s Heavenly Cupcake store in the beautiful East Village.

They have a cool retro, whimsical look throughout, including a fun lounge area to hang out and enjoy a cupcake or two.  They feature many different flavors, with varying daily selections.  I think the red velvet with cream cheese frosting was my favorite, but it was a tough call!  They have “minis”, too.   AND – for weddings, Heavenly Cupcake makes cool cupcake tiers that are very fun!

Below are some images from my tour.

heavenly cupcake_0004blog

Isn’t the “lounge” cute?

heavenly cupcake_0019blog heavenly cupcake_0036blog

And this is Rosemary and her husband who run the show!

Concepts Event Design | San Diego Wedding Vendors

Linens, chair tie-backs, place settings, and other fine details for the NBC Throws a Wedding at the Prado Event will be provided courtesy of Concepts Event Design.  I recently stopped by their studio in National City, and was amazed by the endless supply of innovation and design options.  The consultation room is clean, bright, and beautiful, with a rainbow of colorful linens hung like clothing in an upscale boutique.  There are also several pull-out drawers that showcase dozens and dozens of napkin choices.  Concepts is run by Haydee and her husband, Federico, who has a background in construction, interior design, and architecture.  I was allowed to the “behind-the-scenes” area and saw several custom designed lighting fixtures, bars, and lounge furniture, that were just gorgeous!!

concepts event design_0002blog

Here’s more about Concepts Event Design:

“Opulence can easily define the elements of your occasion and we, Federico and Haydee Alderete, are here to assist you in creating the most awe-inspiring event imaginable.

Family operated, Concepts Event Design has led the event industry for over seven years, providing the San Diego area with unprecedented professionalism,
customized event design, specialty linens and hand-crafted lounge furniture. We signify event design excellence, where tailoring your dreams
into reality is our business.

Concepts Event Design utilizes decorative elements, pristine craftsmanship and unparalleled experience, bestowing a magical feeling that will enhance your
surroundings and transform any setting before your eyes! No matter what your budget, our creative team of event professionals will transform your ideas
into a custom and unforgettable display.”

concepts event design_0003blog

In the center of the showroom, they have a display table, that is changed frequently, and each place setting is different, to feature several different looks.

concepts event design_0004blog

Concepts Event Design collaborated with each of the competing vendors for the current NBC floral voting category.  With Haute House Orchids, Concepts provided lovely aqua table linens with white napkins to compliment the graceful white orchids.  To view, click here.

For Magnolia Flowers, burled wood charger plates and chocolate brown napkins were provided to set off the autumn colors – green, dark red, and brown.  The table linen in green, was accented by an organza ribbon that winds about.  View here.

And for Embellishmint, Concepts provided a sweetheart’s table and rounded bench for the newlyweds.  The draped fabrics, in silver and pewter, set off the antique white roses and pales shades of pink, peach, and blue.  Silver charger plates, abalone shells, and a jeweled embellishment accented the napkins.  View it here.

And, here’s Haydee, the creative genious behind this innovative company:

concepts event design_0008blog

Haute House Orchids | San Diego Wedding Vendor

Haute House Orchids is one of the vendors for the NBC Throws a Wedding at the Prado event.  Haute House Orchids, located in north San Diego County, has been is business for 26 years, and as you may have guessed, they specialize in beautiful orchids.  Operating several greenhouses, they provide both wholesale and retail services.  Here is the floral scheme they have designed for the upcoming wedding for Stefanie and Jerry, the lucky recipients of NBC Throws a Wedding at the Prado, coming up on October 9th:

haute house_0107blog

The centerpiece showcases large white, flowing orchids, which are set against an aqua blue tablecloth.  On the table are small vases with more white orchids and roses.

haute house_0109blog

haute house_0105blog

haute house_0110blog

The napkins are adorned with a small orchid – an elegant touch!

haute house_0112blog

haute house_0113blog

Haydee, at Concepts Event Design lent her creative touches, and provided the linens, chargers, and chair tie-backs!

haute house_0114blog

haute house_1105blog

Check out all the vendor submissions, and cast your vote here (after the morning new on Friday, 9.4.09).

Here are some photos from my tour of Haute House Orchids.  Soooo many orchids – and I was only in 1 of the greenhouses!

haute house_0007blog

I love the intricate “veins” on this variety below:

haute house_0021blog

The husband and wife owners are very sweet, too!  They’re described as a “comtemporary mom and pop” business.  Here’s more of what they have to say:  “We believe in higher quality over larger quantity. Our goal is to offer you a highly personalized service in a simple format. We welcome special orders and can customize the size, color and variety of the orchid and the type of container, making up an arrangement as unique as your occasion, or yourself.”

haute house_0027blog

Magnolia Flower Shoppe | San Diego Wedding Vendors

UDPATE 9.11.09:   Magnolia Flower Shoppe announced the winner for NBC Throws a Wedding at the Prado!  Congratulations!

magnolia flowers_0004cblog

Allison Stevens, owner of Magnolia Flower Shoppe,  is an wonderful floral designer, who is also competing in the NBC Throws a Wedding event.  Trained in France, she brings unique concepts to your wedding.  She prides herself for thinking “outside of the vase!”  Magnolia Flower Shoppe “creates bold designs that employ flowers and other organic elements in unique arrangements that are bold, striking, dramatic,  and utterly unique.”

Here is the floral scheme Allison has developed for  Stefanie and Jerry, winners of  NBC Throws a Wedding at the Prado:

magnolia flowers_0003blog

Allison chose fall colors as her theme.  The centerpiece is eye-catching with the cascade of rose petals flowing down.

magnolia flowers_0001cblog

Check out all the vendors’ work, and go here to cast your vote (after the morning new on Friday, 9.4.09).

magnolia flowers_0006blog

The plates are quite a conversation piece, made of wood.  The chocolate brown napkins are accented with fresh rose petals, and a large green leaf.

And a round of applause for Concepts Event Design, who furnished all the gorgeous linens, and plates!

magnolia flowers_1005blog

The tablecloth has a rich ribbon scrolling throughout.

magnolia flowers_0004blog

magnolia flowers_0007blog

Introducing Allison, the designer of Magnolia Flower Shoppe::


Embellishmint | San Diego Wedding Vendors


Embellishmint is one of the competing vendors for the first ever NBC Throws a Wedding at the Prado coming up in October!  Dawn Stone is the creative designer for Embellishmint.  Here is the floral scheme she developed for Stefanie and Jerry, the lucky couple who will be getting married at the Prado:

The theme for this presentation was “old world chic” with tones of silver and pewter, antique white, and hints of shell pink, light peach, and pale blue.


Kudos to Haydee of Concepts Event Design for providing the lovely linens, sweetheart bench, plates, and pillow coverings to tie the whole theme together!


Check out each of the vendors, and then click here to go vote (after the morning new on Friday, 9.4.09).


Abalone shells accent the florals, and also adorn the napkins.  Also accentuating the napkins are small roses and a jeweled adornment.


Amid the draped fabrics and rows and rows of roses, are silver beads that trail to the floor.


The clean white bench and dozens of candles are romantic, and lend a modern touch to the vintage charm.



Here’s what Embellishmint has to say, “Our designs and concepts are innovative, dynamic and uniquely positioned to reflect our talent, to translate our clients’ visions and ideas into a truly inspired affair.  Embellishmint harnesses the superb talents of the principle designer, master florist, fine artist and beauty/style consultant to develop the ‘essence’ that captures a distinct mood and tone to captivate guests and leave them with an unforgettable sense of elation and appreciation. Ever striving to produce an unforgettable scene, we strive to fill each event with exceptional attention to detail, creative and unique use of materials and team commitment to excellence in customer service.”

Here are a couple of photos from my tour of the Embellishmint studio, located in Coronado:



Shown here is a story board created to display the colors, textures, fabrics, and embellishments for a wedding.


And, of course, we have to introduce you to Dawn Stone, the owner of Embellishmint:


Seaside Papery | San Diego Wedding Vendors

seaside papery_0013blog

Seaside Papery is another talented vendor participating in the NBC Throws a Wedding at the Prado event.   To see the sample designed for the couple, visit the NBC wedding page.  To vote for your choice, click here (after the Fri, 8/21/09 morning news – voting ends Thurs, 8/27/09).  Seaside Papery is a cute little boutique located in Coronado, and I enjoyed a tour through the store.  The butterfly display in the front window is quite the conversation starter!

seaside papery_0005blog

seaside papery_0009blog

Seaside Papery carries many lovely invitations from many designers, including Vera Wang, Crane’s, Kate Spade, and more.  Here was one invitation that was very cool:

seaside papery_0021duoblog

And of course, you must meet Kenny, the invitation consultant:

seaside papery_0028blog

Dolldine Designs | San Diego Wedding Vendors

dolldine designs_0002blog

dolldine designs_0009blog

Dolldine Designs is another talented vendor participating in the NBC Throws a Wedding at the Prado event.  The invitation shown above is the sample submitted for your vote.  To vote for your choice, click here (after the Fri, 8/21/09 morning news – voting ends Thurs, 8/27/09).  I had the pleasure of visiting with the designer, Geraldine, and she has quite a selection of lovely invitations.

Here’s what Dolldine has to say:

Dolldine Design is a custom designed, elegant invitation and announcement studio to help you showcase your special event. If it’s a celebration, a wedding or an announcement of a newborn baby, it’s your event and it should symbolize you. Dolldine Designs will work with you to create handcrafted, unique announcements to emphasize your special day.

An invitation is the first thing your guest will see and Dolldine Designs will help you make that exceptional first impression.  From the assortment of embellishments, fine paper styles and textures, colors, sizes, and printing types, the options are endless.  With matching coordinating stationary, your ensemble would be complete.

Dolldine Designs understands your need of what you envision and it’s our goal to help bring that vision come to life!

I just LOVE the rich red satin ribbon of this one:

dolldine designs_0012blogCreative papers, textures, and embellishments, too:

dolldine designs_0024blog

And, let me introduce you to Geraldine, the Dolldine designer:

dolldine designs_0032blog

Get Carded | San Diego Wedding Vendors

get carded ink_0006blog

Get Carded is one of the competing vendors for the upcoming NBC Throws a Wedding at the Prado.  Get Carded is a very talented husband and wife team (Erika and Ron Whistler) who pride themselves on one-of-a-kind, completely personalized invitations.  They also make unique event invitations, baby announcements, and more!  To view the sample to vote on for Stefanie and Jerry’s wedding (NBC Throws a Wedding at the Prado), click here (Fri, 8/21/09 after the morning news).  Don’t delay – voting ends Thurs, 8/27/09.

Here’s what Get Carded has to say about their business:

Get Carded is a unique invitation design studio, owned and operated by husband and wife design duo, Erika (aka Riki) and Ron Whistler. They are traditionally trained Graphic Designers working together to create beautiful invitations. Having created the occasional invitation for bridal showers, baby showers and parties, Erika was quite familiar with the thought process and the commitment put forth to capture the essence of a well planned event. Their own wedding invitation was truly the start of their passion for specializing in invitation design. They loved the idea of branding their love story and thought it would be exciting to design invitations that fully express the unique bond between two people, a one of a kind masterpiece exclusive to only the couple. Through an interview and concept process, Get Carded creates personal relationships with their clients and generates a visual story that announces the most precious moments of their lives. These One of a Kind invitations are treated much like a Graphic Design studio’s projects, offering several design concepts complete with presentations andany necessary services to create exactly what the client desires. In addition to One of a Kind services, Get Carded is currently putting together a Collections option of invitation designs as new product offerings that allow unique design construction and artwork for multiple clients across many budgets.

This one was one of my favorites – this particular couple liked the park, so a park theme, complete with bunnies scampering about, was creatively designed.  Love the gatefold!

get carded ink_0014blog

Get Carded also has it’s own in-house letterpress!  This was my first encounter with a letter press, and it is quite fascinating!  The machine weighs over a ton, and is from the early 1900′s!

get carded ink_0079blog

Erika loves unique designs, including custom die cuts to set off your invitation.  Here was another One of a Kind design:

get carded ink_0039blog

And – Get Carded does invitations and announcements for ALL occasions – not just weddings.  Here’s a cute baby announcement:

get carded ink_0026babymixblog

And, last but certainly not least – meet Erika and Ron, such a nice couple!

get carded ink_0094blog

Meet the Winning Couple! | San Diego Weddings

Meet Stefanie and Jerry, the lucky winners of NBC Throws a Wedding at the Prado!!  Thousands of you voted (thank you!).  Now, on October 9th, this lovely couple will take their vows, in an elegant wedding at The Prado.  More than a dozen of San Diego’s highly talented wedding vendors have stepped up, and are providing their services to make sure this couple truly has the wedding of their dreams!

meet the couple_0008blog

We’re so excited to get to know  Stefanie and Jerry!  We’ll keep you, dear reader,  posted on all the wedding updates.  Soon, we will be meeting with the couple for their engagement session.  Don’t forget to check back, as we’ll also be bringing you the scoop on the vendors for invitations, flowers, hair, cake, and the all-important wedding gowns.  Vote each week, and NBC 7/39 will announce the winners each Friday morning in the 6 o’clock news hour!!

Congratulations,   Stefanie and Jerry!

M Bride | San Diego Wedding Vendors

A couple of days ago, I had the pleasure of visiting the very elegant and chic M bride salon.  Michele, the owner, has been working with top designers and wedding gowns for the last 23 years, and she is a seasoned pro, ladies.  And the gowns were simply amazing!  I have no idea how brides choose, with so many wonderful options!!  Here are the 3 dresses to vote on for the NBC Throws a Wedding at the Prado event in October.  Your votes will determine which dress the lucky bride gets to wear down the aisle!  Voting closes on Thursday, August 20th, and the winning dress will be announced in NBC 7/39′s 6 a.m. news hour on August 21st.

Here is some more information about M bride:

M bride, San Diego’s premiere bridal salon, specializes in bringing the latest designers to the fashion-forward bride. Our exclusive gowns combine a fusion of New York chic with Hollywood glamour. At M bride, we are redefining bridal…California style.

M bride carries a line of gowns created by world-renowned and the latest up-and-coming designers. All gowns are selected based on the designer’s commitment to artistic excellence, innovation, and service. Our gowns range in price from $2500 to $10,000 and are made from the finest fabrics from all over the world. At M bride the possibilities are limitless.

Here are a couple of photos of the store – it’s veeery nice!

m bride_0010blog

I fell soooo in love with this dress!  Silk, shirring, and check out the flowers on the bottom!

m bride_0007blog

And finally – meet Michele, hard at work!

m bride_0019blog

If you like what you see – leave a comment below.  HOWEVER – to vote, you’ll need to click on the VOTE link above.

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