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All Aboard! | San Diego Child Photography

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Check out this little guy with his conductor’s overalls and cap – too cute!!  As child photographers in San Diego, there are so many great locations for portrait sessions.  We recently enjoyed exploring the Old Poway Park during this session, and so did this little fellow!



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What a fun family, too – this was Taylor’s turn for the spotlight, as we have been capturing his little sister’s first year.  He enjoyed the attention, and gave us all a giggle when another little boy at the park came over to see him, and Taylor announced “Hey I’m getting MY pictures taken!”  Haha – the honesty of little ones. Here is your close-up Tayler!!!

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This next one was so funny – Taylor likes to makes roar like a dinosaur – so after several “roars”, he looked over at me.  You’d think he was mad, but he was just totally in “character!”


Well it can’t all be about Choo Choos! Sometimes we need to throw in a little of America’s favorite pastime…you guessed it…BASEBALL!!!

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We hope you enjoy these mom and dad!!! Leave us some comment love!

Play Date Cards!

BlueFlair Photography is pleased to announce we are now offering Play Date Cards!    Hip moms are using these Play Date cards more than ever these days.  Our Play Date cards feature adorable images from your child’s portrait session – along with mom’s contact information.  Folded, they’re the size of a business card, to easily fit in your wallet.  Unfolded, they act as a bookmark!

As a special introductory offer, we are now offering a set of 40 complimentary Play Date Cards from your child’s portrait session, with a minimum purchase. *


playdate front-back post


playdate front post


boy playdate front post


boy playdate inside post

*Call for details and to schedule your child’s session.  Check back often, as we’ll be adding new samples!

Do you use Play Date cards?  We’d love to hear what you have to say about our new product – please leave your comment below.  Thanks!

Legacy of Love


This is a great story of a legacy of love!  Grandma-to-be is just so incredibly excited about the upcoming birth of her grandchild that she decided to spoil baby, mommy, and daddy by investing in our Chrysalis Collection.  This collection focuses on telling that special story of each new belly to baby. Mom and Dad were absolutely awesome to work with and let’s face it mom’s belly is just so beautiful and tiny!  Mom disagreed with the “tiny” part so of course we had to tell her to invest in glasses and a good mirror because…just look at her…she’s only sporting a basket ball when I was sporting an over-sized watermelon when I was in my eighth month!

Anyway…here are a few sneak peaks for grandma, mom and dad of a few of the “less revealing” images from the day.  We’ll see you soon so you can check out the rest of the images from the session!  Let us know what you think by leaving comments bellow!



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The Sooner the Better

So many of our expectant parents ask us when they should come in for their newborn portraits and we always reply the same way…”Meet us on your way home from the hospital.”  There’s usually a long pause as they wait for us to say we’re kidding, but guess what?…for the most part we’re really not joking!

The absolute BEST time to photograph a newborn is within the first week of their precious lives, under two weeks is acceptable but is starting to push it.  You see…newborn’s under one week of age still sleep like the dead (not mine unfortunately, she’s NEVER slept like the dead a day in her life…not even in the womb, but MOST do).

They also haven’t had time to realize that they’re not crammed into a tight little space anymore, so they still curl up in that adorable fetal pose.  But after day ten (give or take a few days)?… you can just forget about getting that amazingly classic newborn pose without your little one putting up a fight.  The secret is out and every time you try to curl them up they just can’t wait to pop those tiny limbs back out again.

Also two to three weeks is about the time a lovely case of baby acne can rears it’s ugly head…no pun intended.  Of course we still photograph newborns that have passed the two week mark, and we still capture amazing images of these tiny new beings, it’s just that the longer you wait the harder it is on both the baby and the parents.

So to summarize the answer to the question “when should we schedule our newborn session?”…the sooner the better!!!


This tiny little guy was only 10 days old, and both he and big brother did a great job in front of the camera!  Mom and Dad love sepia toned images, so we put the finishing touches on a few of our favorites and here they are as a little sneak peak.  Hope you love them as much as we do!





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The Best of Both Worlds

twirly girlWait for Me!

La Jolla Cove is one of the most beautiful beaches to photograph at in San Diego.  The incredible blues and greens of the water, mixed with the fascinating rock formations and cliffs makes for a dramatic scene. So it was an obvious choice for us when this gorgeous family requested their portraits be photographed at the beach.

A Day at the Beach

Another wonderful feature of the Cove is that it borders the urban beauty of downtown La Jolla. This close proximity allows us to dramatically change the feel of our images by driving just a few blocks up from the beach to the beautiful brick buildings and chic sidewalks of La Jolla. The art and fashion district of La Jolla makes the perfect setting for a precious little girl to dance down the street in her purple tutu and jean jacket. These are a few of our favorites from the session. Hope you love them as much as we do mom and dad!

Purple Tutu's and Dreams

Urban Wonder

Dance Like No One is Watching

We are always looking for locations like this where we can get the best of both worlds without having to travel very far between the two. Do you have any favorite locations that you’d like to suggest we use for our portraits? Please let us know by leaving your comments here.  Thanks! Nikkie of BlueFlair Photography

Can’t Stop the Cuteness!





Alright, this child just WON’T stop being cute! He’s our cover model for our Chrysalis line – remember, the baby hanging off the daddy’s arm? Yep! That’s this guy getting bigger every time we see him. So cute! And isn’t that vintage firetruck the best?

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