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HAUTE! by BlueFlair is about to launch!! | San Diego Boudoir Photography

UPDATE!!!    Our new boudoir website is LIVE!  Check it out here:


We’re proud to announce (officially) the launch of our boudoir line – HAUTE!  On August 28 and 29th, we will have a kick-off Art and Fashion Show at Twin Oaks Gallery in San Marcos, CA.  The girls will be modeling lingerie and costumes provided by DejaVu Love Boutique – ooo la la!   Complimentary food and dessert provided by Smoke House Grills – YUM!!  We’ll also have wine tasting.  All the ladies will receive a goody bag from DejaVu Love Boutique.  PLUS, we’ll have some very cool prizes to raffle off!   Tickets are $10 in advance, and $15 at the door.  And here’s the best part:  All proceeds benefit the Pink Envelope Project to help fight breast cancer.  So come out for a sexy night with your honey, your “besties”, or just you!

Boudoir Photography


San Diego Boudoir Photography

Our lovely BlueFlair “HAUTTIES” will have a limited number of prints to sign as well!  Come one, come all . . . we’ll have a ball!

A special thanks and “hats off” to Twin Oaks Gallery for hosting this event, and to DejaVu for providing the “fashion.”


San Diego Boudoir Photography


Click here to buy your ticket(s)!

Bridal Suh-Weet!

Did you know it’s customary to give each other a gift on your wedding night?  Are you looking for the perfect gift to give your honey?  Chances are you’ve spent months getting into shape so you will look your best on your wedding day.  Why not give him the gift of you?
With BlueFlair Photography, we offer our brides a choice of either a Bridal Portrait session OR a Bridal Boudoir session.  Either one makes a wonderful gift for your sweetie!
Our Bridal Portrait sessions give you the freedom to wear your dress an extra time, and get some very fashion-forward, amazing images.  You can choose to do this right after your hair/make-up “dry run” several weeks before your wedding, or choose to wear your hair in a completely different style.  These sessions are relaxed – no guests waiting for you to mingle with.  Go for all the drama and flair your wedding day may not allow for.
The Bridal Boudoir portraits are a more intimate gift for him.  These are sexy and stylish, never sleazy – similar to what you might see in Maxim or Victoria’s Secret.  Capture the soft, sweet, steamy, sultry sexy side of you he knows and loves.  He’ll love the gift, and you’ll love how beautiful you look and feel!
Have some fun girlfriends in your bridal party?  Book a swanky suite and have a bridal boudoir party, where each girl receives a mini-boudoir session (up to 3 outfit changes, and 1 hour each).  Why not make a day of it?  After having hair and makeup done, and having a totally fun and sexy boudoir session, you and the girls can finish off your totally indulgent “girls day” and go have a night on the town!  Discounts and print credits apply to boudoir parties of 2 or more!!

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