BlueFlair’s Favorite Date Ideas—Perfect for Valentine’s (or any) Day

BlueFlair’s Favorite Date Ideas—Perfect for Valentine’s (or any) Day


  • Ice Skating

Find an outdoor skating rink and rent some skates. Bundle up and grab a thermos of hot cocoa (with maybe a touch of peppermint schnapps), some mugs and a camera to document your winter wonderland memories.


  • Stargazing

Find a tranquil outdoor setting and bring an air mattress, hammock or some reclining chairs. For an unforgettable time, mark your calendar for the next big meteor shower and get ready to make some wishes! Bring a nice bottle of wine and ask 20 questions while you gaze. Make your own constellation.


  • Take a ski day

Hit the slopes with your love, and be sure to spend some time by a nice roaring fire at the end of the day. Make s’mores and then hit the hot tub together.


  • Scavenger Hunt

Whether it’s throughout your house or throughout the whole city, make a scavenger hunt for your love and help them follow the clues to a picnic or dinner at a nice restaurant.


  • Row, Row, Row your Boat

Rent a row boat and take a few leisurely spins around a lake. Timeless romance. Sigh…


  • Go to a Game

Get tickets to a home game and tailgate together. Wear team jerseys and be super fans together.


  • Play Strip Poker

And let them win a few games!


  • Get Fresh

Go to an orchard or berry farm and pick some fresh fruit to enjoy together. Bring a nice bottle of champagne (of course) to reward yourselves for your efforts. Find a nice spot to plant a tree together. Go back and carve your names in it on an anniversary or special occasion down the road.


  • Be Adventurous

Go bungee jumping, skydiving, rock climbing, anything out of your comfort zone. You’ll get a great adrenaline rush and wonderful memories with your loved one.


  • Dance the Night Away

Take a dance class and then go to a nice dinner afterwards.


  • Volunteer Together

Find a common interest and donate some time together. Visit a nursing home for a monthly bingo night, help out at a food bank, visit children in the hospital or clean up a trail or park.



Hope this list helps your imagination run wild. Get out there and spend some quality time with the one you love!

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