25 Things You Didn’t Know About Kolten | San Diego Senior Portraits

Today we’re introducing Kolten, another Class of 2012 Senior Representative!  Here’s Kolten, with his list of 25 Things you may not know about him . . . .

  1. I can have an intelligible conversation in Spanish
  2. The ocean draws me in, there is something about it that keeps me transfixed
  3. I actually enjoy reading
  4. I love the feeling you get right after you finish exercising
  5. I have an appreciation for the true beauty of nature
  6. I spend a lot of time in the water
  7. Sometimes I need time to be alone and think
  8. A drive to the ocean always cheers me up
  9. I love to surf
  10. Mexican food is one of my favorite cuisines

11.  If I have a question I almost always ask it

12.  Chocolate chip cookie dough is undisputedly my favorite ice cream flavor eve

13.  I am not shy

14.  I have fun impersonating accents and different people

15.  I play water polo

16.  I most definitely have certain and intense moments of playfulness

17.  I have no respect for people who don’t respect others

18. I have an affinity for old cars

19. If I were to pick a religion for everyone to be, it would be Buddhism

20. I play the saxophone

21.  In my book, any type of music can be good music

22.  Dancing is something I have fun doing, but wish I were better at

23. I love watching movies

24. I hate getting left out

25. Sunny days are my favorite


Why be like everyone else, when you can be YOU*Nique!

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3 Responses to “25 Things You Didn’t Know About Kolten | San Diego Senior Portraits”

  1. Larrye Taylor says:

    Nice pics bro and i love dancing too haha

  2. Aunt Kat says:

    You are unbelievably handsome and intellignet with personality plus! Your values are right on as well! You are an amazing young man, Kolten. Seeing all these pics make me teary remembering all the days I’ve been privledged to be able to spend with you since you were born. I have many, many pictures all around my house of you as a little boy – but none of you lately…..I’ll have to to come out and take some I guess :) I feel so lucky to be your Godmother! I’m so proud of you! I love you very, very much! Aunt Kat

  3. katie guinn says:

    hehehehehe ooopppsiess…. so like i was saying:
    this kid. is so cool. i wish i was him. i feel so super bad that he feels left out. i hope we can go to the beach sometime together since it seems he might like it… just a little. um wait this is awkward ill go … ok bye ur a really good model… ok .. um .. er. larrye likes to cook. hit him up

    p.s. the sax picture is legit. very artsy kolten way to go :)

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