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HAUTE! by BlueFlair | San Diego Boudoir Photography

Here’s another one of our “Hautties”!  Miss A was such a natural in front of the camera, and we had a great time photographing her.  She brought several different outfits, so we were able to capture different sides of her – from playful, to smoldering, to sweet, to seductive. When planning your boudoir session, don’t forget shoes and jewelry – they can complete the look!  With our boudoir sessions, we include hair and makeup – and it’s a good idea to change up the hair throughout the session for different looks.  Stay tuned, as we will be having a formal launch of our HAUTE! line next month.  Details to follow . . . .

DSC_8213-A copy


DSC_8273-A copy

Oh my!

DSC_8280-A copy

DSC_8432-A copy

Sooo hot – and those eyes!  Sheesh!

DSC_8532-A copy


We just absolutely love her smile in this one – so sweet!


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Picture a Personal Makeover! | San Diego Glamour Photography

As a child, your mom probably took you to have professional portraits done each year.  But now that you’re older – when’s the last time you had professional portraits taken of YOU?   Are you a professional?  Do you have good quality images on your social media sites, blog, and/or business website?  Have you recently met a personal fitness goal?  Changed your hair? Looking for a unique gift for loved ones?  Or do you find yourself re-entering the dating scene?  Well then, consider a little pampering, and indulge in your own portrait session!

On-line dating services generally allow you to post a profile with images – and they recommend you have professional portraits taken.  Images you post are literally the first impression of you – make it a good one!  Show off your new look, that special outfit, and let us capture you at your best!  And guys – this includes you – the ladies will appreciate a well done photograph!

DSC_0170-A copy Blog


DSC_0115-A copy Blog


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DSC_0286-B Blog

You, Me, & Baby Makes 3! | San Diego Maternity Photography

One of our amazing wedding couples from last year came in for their maternity session.  They’re big Yankies fans, so we can’t wait for some interesting newborn images – I’m sensing a theme!  Here are some of our favorites from the maternity session.  You two are both so genuinely sweet – we’ll gladly take 50 more couples JUST like you!!  :-)    Enjoy the peeks!


DSC_9830-A copy Blog

LJmat blog2

DSC_9862-A copy Blog

LJmat blog3

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Just Another Day at the Beach| San Diego Beach Photography

This family was just soo sweet.  Even with 4 young boys, the parents were patient and kind, and we had a great time!  They were here for their annual vacation – coming to us all the way from Nevada!  All the boys enjoyed looking in and around the rocks finding LOTS of crabs – and while we were working on the portraits, we were graced by several dolphins frolicking nearby in the water.  I ask you – how’s that for a day’s work?

DSC_9695-A copy Blog




DSC_9746-A copy Blog

DSC_9704-A copy Blog

Remember – it’s not too early to be thinking about your family photos for those holiday cards!  And feel free to leave a kind word down below, it’s much appreciated!

Social Media & The New Business Image | San Diego Professional Headshots

Social Media networking is changing the face of business, in many ways.  Now, instead of a handing a client a business card with a tiny photo of yourself, your clients are checking your personal website and social media sites, such as FaceBook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.  There, they may be able to read reviews on your products or services, and most importantly – they have a chance to get to know you, without the hard sales.  Especially in tough economic times, people will choose to do business with people they trust, whom they feel can provide a quality product and a good value.

It is more important than ever to present your “best face” at all times.   Your potential clients want to know that they are in the hands of a professional.  At the same time, they want to work with someone who is friendly and approachable.    To show off your best side, professional portraits are recommended.  Good lighting, composition, angles, and professional touch-ups all show that you take yourself and your professional image seriously.  Ladies, you won’t regret that visit to the makeup artist who understands photography – it makes such a difference – and we’re happy to refer you!

Here are some  recent images from our AMAZING Internet Presence Specialist, Bridget Ayers. Since she spends so much time on her laptop, we incorporated it into her images.  She’s fun and funny, yet smart as a whip!  She had both her hair and makeup done, and she had a couple of outfits for us to work with.  She booked our deluxe session, and we worked up several business portraits, as well as some personal portraits.   You can see how we rock the boat for traditional head shots, giving you that fresh, professional, and approachable look your clients will respond to.  With our deluxe package, you will receive multiple web-ready images for your graphic-rich websites.

Check out these images, leave a comment if you please, and then if you’re ready to boost your social media presence, check out Bridget’s sites:
* Twitter * Facebook * The Get Smart Blog * Get Smart Web Consulting *

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Play Date Cards!

BlueFlair Photography is pleased to announce we are now offering Play Date Cards!    Hip moms are using these Play Date cards more than ever these days.  Our Play Date cards feature adorable images from your child’s portrait session – along with mom’s contact information.  Folded, they’re the size of a business card, to easily fit in your wallet.  Unfolded, they act as a bookmark!

As a special introductory offer, we are now offering a set of 40 complimentary Play Date Cards from your child’s portrait session, with a minimum purchase. *


playdate front-back post


playdate front post


boy playdate front post


boy playdate inside post

*Call for details and to schedule your child’s session.  Check back often, as we’ll be adding new samples!

Do you use Play Date cards?  We’d love to hear what you have to say about our new product – please leave your comment below.  Thanks!

Flexing Your Entreprenurial Muscles

We recently had the opportunity to meet a fellow entrepreneur, Brooke.  She’s a nutritionist here in San Diego, who has left the 9 to 5 life to make her own mark on the world.  So, girls, if you’re looking to get in shape for that upcoming special occasion, or “just because”, you should give her a call.  She’s smart and friendly, and will help you focus on your lifestyle, behavior, and habits, instead of just a quick crash diet, yielding more lasting results!  Brooke placed her trust in us to capture some fresh images for her website, and we did just that!  AND, she was kind enough to write a glowing review – see below!

DSC_9472-A copy Blog

brk blog1

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brk blog2

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Here’s the Review!

10 Reasons to to with the Flair, BlueFlair, that is . . .

10. These women rock: Undaunted by fierce waves, unsteady, slippery rocks, nor small children running through a photo shoot, Stefanie and Nikkie keep on clickin’, undisturbed, unperturbed, and generally happy go lucky!

9. They tell it like it is. This was my first experience with a professional photo shoot…unless you count the Sears portrait studio type deal as a kid. :-) Nikkie and Stefanie listened to my thoughts and told me theirs and we joined forces to come up with a creative set of shots, utilizing motion, light and natural settings to the best of their abilities. They are the experts and I appreciated their honesty, especially at those moments when it was clear I was a complete novice!
8. They have integrity. Stefanie and Nikkie kept our appointment, even showing up early. They called and emailed when they said they would, answered the phone every time (themselves) and took a chance, showing up at our photo shoot without ever having met me in person.
7. They are passionate about what they do. They love the camera and their work reflects this. Both Nikkie and Stefanie have an artistic vision which transcends time and space and creates indelible images, evident in their portraiture.
6. They think outside of the box. Instead of standard studio shots, Stefanie suggested we go to the Oceanside Pier. And not just the pier, she suggested I climb way up onto the rocks, balance between 2 poles, and let me do fun things like backbends in the sand and run along the ocean’s edge with my surfboard. Then, when it got too dark for any more photo opps, Stefanie and Nikkie suggested we continue the shoot the following week at a nearby ranch, with peacocks. How’s that for creativity?!
5. They are do-gooders and pay it forward. During the entire shoot, we were contending with fellow surfers, kiddos and a handful of other photographers who apparently had the same idea to come out to the pier at sunset. Not ONCE did Stefanie or Nikkie get frustrated or upset that we had to wait. Not only that, I personally saw them giving tips and hints to family members on how to get great photographs of their kids. The parents were appreciative and Stefanie and Nikkie seemed more than happy to help out in any way they could. While others might have taken this opportunity to gripe about the wait time or to judge a novice photographer, these women seized the opportunity to share their knowledge in a kind and caring way.
4. They are entrepreneurs. They started their own company and are learning as they go and were kind enough to support my own entrepreneurial spirit.
3. They have fun. Stefanie and Nikkie each bring unique talent to their business and they joked with each other throughout the shoot. None of us had ever met before and we had a great time!
2. They go with the flow. What I like about Stefanie and Nikkie is that they do not have one set type of branded photography to which all clients must conform. Instead, they take into account what the photos are being utilized for and are open to trying different approaches to creating the desired outcome.
1. They give a one-of-a-kind photo experience. What attracted me to Blue Flair Photography was the sensitivity that came through in the portraiture, a kind of candid warmth and softness. In addition, they are color experts and utilize captivating backgrounds and natural scenery to enhance their images and create a look like no other.
Brooke Joanna Benlifer, RD

Legacy of Love


This is a great story of a legacy of love!  Grandma-to-be is just so incredibly excited about the upcoming birth of her grandchild that she decided to spoil baby, mommy, and daddy by investing in our Chrysalis Collection.  This collection focuses on telling that special story of each new belly to baby. Mom and Dad were absolutely awesome to work with and let’s face it mom’s belly is just so beautiful and tiny!  Mom disagreed with the “tiny” part so of course we had to tell her to invest in glasses and a good mirror because…just look at her…she’s only sporting a basket ball when I was sporting an over-sized watermelon when I was in my eighth month!

Anyway…here are a few sneak peaks for grandma, mom and dad of a few of the “less revealing” images from the day.  We’ll see you soon so you can check out the rest of the images from the session!  Let us know what you think by leaving comments bellow!



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