My, How They Grow!

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We have had the pleasure of working with Kyle since his newborn session.  We’ve seen him 3 more times, as part of our Busy Bee program.  Now he’s taking a few steps, and he is raring to go!  We met the parents at the beach for our first outdoor session.  We hit our favorite spot at La Jolla beach, and most babies have a hard time with either the feel of the sand, or the roar and splash of the ocean.  Not Kyle!!  He wanted to go get in that water – and the sand, apparently was good enough to eat!!  We’ll miss this family, as they’re moving to Hawaii this month . . . we do have suitcases, tho! :-)







3 Responses to “My, How They Grow!”

  1. Sandy Wills says:

    Such beautiful pictures of beautiful people!

  2. Sandy Wills says:

    I am biased though, that’s my grandson! Thanks for the beautiful pics over the last year…I have my grandma brag books and love them!

  3. blueflair says:

    Thanks, Sandy – we’ll miss them. Watching them grow is definitely a perk with this job! Glad you like your brag books, too! (Rumor has it there’s another on the way!)

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