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Results: Brides vs. Babies

Ok – so apparently, our brides are too busy working on babies of their own, because the babies TOTALLY ruled the competition!! SO – each of the babies will be receiving a complimentary 5×7 of their contest image, and (insert drum roll) – Baby Natalie (aka Baby #3) wins the overall competition with the most votes.  Her family will also receive a $50 BlueFlair Photography gift card!! Yeah, Natalie!

Baby 3

Baby 3

Rock n’ Roll High School: Boy vs. Girl

So a couple of weeks ago we had a kick-butt senior session with Hannah.  This week we have Tyler.  Teen boys, generally speaking, aren’t all that enthusiastic about getting their senior portraits taken.  They don’t go all giddy like the girls sharing their photos.  So OUR challenge is to make the guys not only comfortable in front of the camera, but to realize just how cool they look.  It’s so great when a GUY is impressed with his image.  When they see themselves as the man they’re becoming – well, quite simply, we’ve done our job.  We work to incorporate something personal into the image, because when the personality is captured, so is the soul.  Nothing defines Tyler more than his guitar.  He’s completely self-taught, and he rocks.  He’s working with his first “garage” band now.  He practices his guitar at least an hour a day, something his mom never has to ask him to do!  That’s discipline, dedication . . . and why he really looks like a rock star!!







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J Loves L!!

Jessica and Lewis are such a fun-loving couple! They had a great time during their engagement session, and so did we. We headed down to our favorite spot at La Jolla Beach, and then did a little “up-town” shooting.


The clouds are water were just amazing that morning!




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Introducing Natalie

Meet Natalie – our most recent newborn.  She is sooo beautiful!  We were excited to try out some of our new props, and she was a good sport.  We love using cute hats, tutus, cocoons, in addition to the au natural baby poses.  But we also like to have our families bring in personal items that hold a special meaning – either a family heirloom (like grandma’s handmade baby blanket), or something that signifies their lifestyle (like dad’s fireman uniform).  You probably figured out little Natalie’s daddy is a fireman.  She didn’t want to be held against his jacket, but she was fine to curl up next to his boots – and how sweet is that?







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Rock n’ Roll High School (Seniors, that is)

Ok – newborn babies are incredibly sweet to photograph, and I love them.  Giggly little kids – keeps us young.  Beautiful brides – love the emotion and drama.  But put us in front of a high school senior that is ready to rock a session and give us some sass, some fashion, and generally rockin’ images – and I turn into this complete and utter geek.  Then, pick a great location – like this one in Little Italy, downtown San Diego, and I’m seeing color and poses, and spend days thinking about images I want to get!   Nikkie sees lines and patterns and creates some stunning images with awesome patterns!  And that’s only the first half of it – THEN we get to play up the images in PhotoShop and make all sorts of OTHER creative choices.  It’s easy to lose ourselves in the process – we just dig it that much!  Here’s our most recent San Diego high school senior, Hannah.  I’d say she “brought it”!!







Thanks, Hannah!  You were awesome!

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Brides vs. Babies! It’s War!!

So we’re announcing our May 2009 Photo Contest.  We’re pitting 2 categories against each other to generate a lot of buzz, and a little healthy competition is good for everyone!  Here’s how it’ll work – we have 3 babies, and 3 brides.  If the Brides generate the most comments (no duplicate votes, please – we have your IP addresses and we’ll hunt you down! – just joking . .  kinda) – then each Bride will receive a complimentary 5×7 of the winning image!  Same goes for the babies category.  And the single image that receives the most votes, regardless of the category – that winner will receive a $50 gift certificate for BlueFlair!!

How do you cast your vote?  Simply leave a comment below.  Write your vote for Bride 1, 2, or 3 . . . or Baby 1, 2, or 3.  Isn’t that simple?  Voting will end May 25th, with the winner(s) being announced on or about May 27th.  (insert shot being fired to get the voting started!)  Have fun, and play nice!!

Bride 1

Bride 1

Bride 2

Bride 2

Bride 3

Bride 3

Baby 1

Baby 1

Baby 2

Baby 2

Baby 3

Baby 3

Not Just for Mother’s Day!

Portraits make great gifts at any stage in life.  We had the pleasure of working with Serena, who recently graduated from nursing school.  She insists she’s not photogenic!  What???  Of course, her mother loved the images, and chose an enlargement for her home.  Then she had Serena’s sister, Danielle come in (to preserve the balance of the wall portraits, of course).  Danielle ALSO doesn’t think she belongs in front of the camera, but the camera loves her, too!  And then Danielle’s honey needed a copy for his desk.  So – when thinking about child or family portraits, remember – any time, any age, portraits are a cherished gift for your loved ones!







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