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Results Just In-April 09!!!

It was a truly fierce (and all in good fun) competition between camp Kyle (baby #2) and camp Javen (baby #3) for our first ever Pic of the Month contest!  We want to congratulate all three of these absolutely GORGEOUS little ones.  They are ALL worthy winners in our book! Remember…this contest is really about judging Stefanie and I’s skills as photographers rather than about which is the cutest baby, because let’s face it, all 3 kids are too cute for words!

That being said the votes are all in and the winner of a complimentary 5×7 of the winning images is……………. (drum roll please):

Image #3 – Javen!


Aunt Jenae launched an all out campaign to bring victory to her sweat nephew Javen, and boy did it work!

Image #2 – Kyle came in at a healthy second place, and we especially wanted to thank his mom for all the props she gave us on Facebook! She put up regular posts urging people to visit our blog and participate in the contest voting.

As a result of BOTH families active participation in the voting process, we averaged well over 300 hits a day on our blog! We couldn’t have asked for a better group of parents for this first Pic of the Month.

On a personal note, I want to express how amazing these two families have been to Stefanie and I (personally) as well as to our company BlueFlair Photography.  They are loyal beyond compare and are always supportive of us. We could not have asked for better clients or friends! WE LOVE YOU GUYS!!!

Just in case we don’t say it enough to all our wonderful families…THANK YOU for trusting your precious memories to us!!!

All Our Love,

Nikkie & Stefanie

Class of 2010 Models Wanted!

BlueFlair Photography is looking for fun, outgoing, 2010 seniors from North County high schools in San Diego.  We have a great incentive program based on a referral system.  Being a model for BlueFlair is about your personality more than great looks.  If you think you have what it takes, and you’d like to earn gift cards/cash and other prizes this summer, contact us right away so we can schedule your interview!


The Sooner the Better

So many of our expectant parents ask us when they should come in for their newborn portraits and we always reply the same way…”Meet us on your way home from the hospital.”  There’s usually a long pause as they wait for us to say we’re kidding, but guess what?…for the most part we’re really not joking!

The absolute BEST time to photograph a newborn is within the first week of their precious lives, under two weeks is acceptable but is starting to push it.  You see…newborn’s under one week of age still sleep like the dead (not mine unfortunately, she’s NEVER slept like the dead a day in her life…not even in the womb, but MOST do).

They also haven’t had time to realize that they’re not crammed into a tight little space anymore, so they still curl up in that adorable fetal pose.  But after day ten (give or take a few days)?… you can just forget about getting that amazingly classic newborn pose without your little one putting up a fight.  The secret is out and every time you try to curl them up they just can’t wait to pop those tiny limbs back out again.

Also two to three weeks is about the time a lovely case of baby acne can rears it’s ugly head…no pun intended.  Of course we still photograph newborns that have passed the two week mark, and we still capture amazing images of these tiny new beings, it’s just that the longer you wait the harder it is on both the baby and the parents.

So to summarize the answer to the question “when should we schedule our newborn session?”…the sooner the better!!!


This tiny little guy was only 10 days old, and both he and big brother did a great job in front of the camera!  Mom and Dad love sepia toned images, so we put the finishing touches on a few of our favorites and here they are as a little sneak peak.  Hope you love them as much as we do!





Your input is REALLY IMPORTANT to us so let us know what you think of our images by posting your comments at the bottom of each posting.

April’s Pick of the Month

This month we’re featuring 3 of our recent favorite images for Pick of the Month. We’re taking votes through 4/25/2009, and then we’ll announce the winner. So tell your friends, family, and get them to vote – and we’d love to hear why it’s your favorite!  The family with the winning photograph will receive a complimentary 5×7 of the winning image! -s



Knee-Slappin’ Good Times


One of the best things about our Busy Bee baby club program is watching the dramatic changes in the babies as they grow that first year.  We love these sessions!  We photograph babies at 4 months, and they have SOOO much personality at that stage – TONS of personality coming through, as they’ve just learned to do those full belly laughs that gets us all laughing alongside.  Here are a few of Madi’s session, where she apparently found us hysterical!  Makes me giggle again just looking at her!babyblog1


Madi 4

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