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Pictures Tell a Story


As child and family photographers, we get plenty of requests for the obligatory posed images.  With San Diego as a backdrop, people often want that “perfect smile” from their child at the beach or the park.  The parents request them, often not realizing how much more personal and “real” images are when we let them tell a story.  It doesn’t take a perfect smile, or even looking at the camera.  It’s those special little moments, the ones that moms and dads see everyday – those endearing little curiousities and “looks” their young ones have.  Things that make that child THEIR child.  Nikkie and I love capturing these special moments, and they’re always a favorite.

What is a special moment that was captured for you or a loved one, that now holds a special memory for you?

- Stefanie

Get Your Running Shoes, Momma!


We had one of our Busy Bee’s back for his 7 month session. He’s starting to crawl, and raring to go! This one was so cute (er, exit stage left), we had to do a sneak, sneak peek! More to come in a couple of days . . .

Mr. Lucky Charm!


Jake here was our lucky charm the other day for another fabulous photo shoot at Leo Carillo Ranch in Carlsbad. Nikkie and I have been shooting there for portrait sessions, and a wedding for the last year, and we’ve always heard rumors of an albino peacock. I know – who knew? Well, we finally saw the elusive albino peacock – it’s white from head to toe to feathery tail!! A lot of the males were in full plume, trying to impress their lady-folk, but this white peacock kept everyone in their place – he knows he’s special.


So, thanks, Jake – we had a great time working with you and your mom!

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